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Load lifting crane

Load handling crane


Product description

The impressive residual capacity guaranteed by the ONNICAR conversions favors the application of electro-hydraulic or hydraulic CRANES, in combination with both dropsides and tippers.

The CRANE models of the major European manufacturers (from 1 ton / m to 3 ton / m), whether single-arm or articulated, are assembled in a workmanlike manner in compliance with all regulations, both those of the vehicle manufacturer companies and those of the crane builders.

For example, the CRANE subframe, suitably designed for each vehicle model, allows its integration with the vehicle structure without intervening in invasive way on the chassis frame (no holes or welds are ever drilled on the original frame).

The stability of the vehicle at maximum outreach and at maximum load of the CRANE is verified thanks to the relative functional test according to the UNI EN 12999: 2018 standards.

The power supply of the hydraulic CRANES is supplied through the assembly of power take-off or electromagnetic coupling.

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Accessories available

Inox toolbox with customized dimensions
Inox toolbox with standard dimensions
Grid for light shelter
Smooth loading surface in aluminum
Anti-skid loading surface in aluminum
Loading surface in plywood
Loose cover tarpaulin
Rope winch

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