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i tuttoinlega

Curtainsider body

The versatile and customizable curtainsider for every transport need


Product description

Curtainsider structure is highly customizable with various accessories and supplements according to the customer's needs and it is available in various heights, lengths and widths depending on the transport need and vehicle type.

Conceived and made of structural aluminum alloy with dedicated welded ONNICAR profiles to maximize strength and rigidity and at the same time to maximize the useful capacity of the vehicle. The aluminum profiles are ergonomically designed and the edges of the roof are strongly rounded to better prepare themselves to accommodate the tarpaulin.

The perimeter beads (for load containment) are also made of aluminium and completed with finishing caps.

Thanks to materials and treatments used, ONNICAR "i tuttoinlega" conversion excludes the problem of rust throughout its life.

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Accessories available

Rear and lateral opening shop
Windows for overhanging loads
Supply and application of advertising logos
Sliding rear and lateral system
Lateral sliding stretcher
Rear doors
Hydraulic taillift for lifting goods
Spoiler above cabin
Customizable curtain in various colors
Liftable roof with crank mechanism
Roof cover & discover
Translucent curtain roof

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