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i tuttoinlega

"ONNISPAZIO" boxed van

Volume, versatility and lightness: the boxed van that respects the environment


Product description

Boxed van with smooth aluminum panels, painted in white colour.

Rear portal, perimeter profiles and uprights in anodized aluminum, structural subframe in welded aluminum.

Double wing rear doors that can be opened and locked at 270 ° with built-in stainless steel locking handles; rear bumper pads.

Access to the load compartment facilitated by step and handle.

Loading surface with modular panels in phenolic plywood with non-slip surface.

Internal walls protected by plastic coating easy-to-clean and ultra-light and steel bumper plinth at the base; vertical uprights with recessed holes for load tying, internal LED lighting.

Fiberglass spoiler above the cabin improves the aerodynamic behavior of the vehicle.

Rear mudguards with mudflaps in thermoplastic material, side reflectors and clearance lights, where necessary, complete the product.

Thanks to materials and treatments used, ONNICAR "i tuttoinlega" conversion excludes the problem of rust throughout its life.

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Accessories available

Load bars
Internal rails for load binding
Toolbox of various materials and sizes
Translucent strip for the roof
Supply and application of advertising logos
Squared structure niche over cabin
Self-supporting load surface in smooth non-slip aluminum
Side door in special dimensions
Standard side door with door stop
Internal shelves
Loading floor anchoring systems
Boxed van painted in the same color as the cabin

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