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"EuroKipper 3 Special" three-side tipper

The only three-side tipper entirely made of structural aluminum alloy. Highest payload, strength, long life and safety: no compromise!


Product description

Tipper structure entirely in welded structural aluminum alloy covered by light gray polyester powder painting.

Self-supporting loading surface in aluminum alloy with standard smooth surface or, on request, non-slip; ideal for heavy and concentrated loads, grass and mowings and for transport of corrosive substances.

Front side-panel built with reinforced pillars, solidly welded to the structure to further improve its strength.

Perimeter side-panels made with customized ONNICAR profile, in aluminum alloy, anodized in silver color, standard height 400 mm, which can be opened laterally at 180 ° and tilted at the rear in both directions, with automatic opening during rear tipping.

Side-panels locking system in anodized aluminum, ergonomic, designed and built to withstand intense cycles of use; easy to operate and robust handles with reduced overall dimensions in their open position.

"Eurokipper3 Special" subframe consisting of longitudinal members, support for cylinder cradle and crossbars in structural aluminum alloy.

Underbody cylinder sized in relation to the capacity and length of the tipper, both for the number of extensions and for the lifting capacity; all pistons have a galvanized sheath and the rods treated in such a way that they cannot be damaged by rust.

Hydraulic system activated by an electric control unit; on request, it is possible to mount power take-off or electromagnetic coupling.

Safety equipment of the tippers: front anti-tipping system, mechanical limit switch, battery switch, electrical system wired in fireproof corrugated cable with power fuse to protect the vehicle electronics, signal buzzer, spiral push-button panel with emergency stop, safety bar.

Standard tippers are supplied with: front cabin protection with grid and ladder-rack, removable rear ladder-rack, step and handle for climbing, toolbox, load securing system, rear mudguards with mudflaps, luminous reflectors and clearance lights where necessary.

The tipper is ideal for bricklayers thanks to its robustness and, at the same time, not being affected by rust, it is particularly suitable for gardeners and horticulturalists.

Thanks to materials and treatments used, ONNICAR "i tuttoinlega" conversion excludes the problem of rust throughout its entire life.

Accessories available

Double wing rear doors
Toolbox of various materials and sizes
Toolbox between cabin and tipper
Lifting crane
Cabin protection in full aluminum panel
Fixing and anchoring systems
Aluminum overside boardpanels
Aluminum overside boardpanels with interleaved beads
Overside boardpanels in galvanised steel grid
"Heavy" model reinforced perimeter side-panels
Loose cover tarpaulin
Rope winch

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