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Project 2022 the 6th business project of the Gruau Group

What is the "Project"?

The "Project" is the business project, the "GPS" of the Gruau Group.
It is the tool of guide, support, cohesion and coherence, necessary to bring people together, vital for developing, indispensable for growth and essential for managing the interaction between the various companies of the Gruau Group.

The “Project” is built by the Gruau Group collaborators, also involving customers, suppliers, and all those who are in daily contact with the Gruau Group, sharing with all values and objectives.

The “Project” is a two-dimensional participation tool.

  • The "Project" of the Group: it is the GPS of the Group, it gives an identity, promotes the sharing of the same values and objectives and allows to achieve the growth and sustainability of the Gruau Group over time.
  • The “Project” of each Site: it is a parallel and coherent project with that of the Gruau Group, vital for taking into account and giving value to the peculiarities of each Site.

Project 2022

The "Project 2022" is the 6th business project of the Gruau Group, built by 75% of the collaborators who have honored the first 30 years of this participatory path.

Launched in 2018, the "Project 2022" represents a 5-year development plan with the Vision of a REASONED and SUSTAINABLE GROWTH, aiming not only at achieving the objectives but above all at the METHOD OF ACHIEVEMENT and at SUSTAINABILITY OVER TIME.

Il GPS del gruppo Gruau: "Projet 2022"
Trent'anni di progetti d'impresa