Onnicar S.r.l. - Conversions for commercial vehicles

Logo "i tottuinlega Conversions for commercial vehicles.
The specialist of aluminium alloys bodies.  Logo "i tottuinlega

i tuttoinlega

Conversions entirely designed and manufactured in structural aluminium alloys.
No compromises: best-in-class payload, great resistance and reliability, safety and eco-compatibility.


Conversions and mobility solutions suitable for all types of professional use, available for all vehicles.
Isothermal vans, mobile workshops, special conversions.

Projet 2030

Our business project is our guide, our "GPS"; it is essential to unite all collaborators and it is vital to develop the tools necessary to support our growth.

Onnicar world

After sales

For any request for spare parts, repairs or assistance, do not hesitate to contact our after-sales service.


Many solutions for every need: tests, approvals, customizations ...


"i tuttoinlega" and the environment

A real profitable and ecological investment.



Quality of production processes and products.


Over 50 years of history

Since 1969 Onnicar has specialized in the production of aluminum alloy conversions. Since March 2017 Onnicar has joined the French Gruau Group.



Check out our range of spare parts and accessories by Onnicar always available.

Onnicar team

Onnicar is a reliable, competitive, responsible and multi-specialist partner who has established itself in the sector of commercial vehicle conversions thanks to a highly motivated team, which believes in:

  • quality of the proposed products
  • innovation
  • attention to customer needs.

Onnicar is the reference point of the Gruau Group on conversions in structural aluminum alloys dedicated to European and international markets. Onnicar products are designed to fulfill the current and future customers’ needs aiming at achieving an ecological and sustainable transport system.

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