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i tuttoinlega

i tuttoinlega

i tuttoinlega

The conversions with ECONOMIC and ECOLOGICAL DNA since over 50 years!
The Made in Italy products that respect the environment and allow to save money.


Economical and ecological

Thanks to the structure entirely in ALUMINUM, the “i tuttoinlega” conversions stand for countless and invaluable advantages, both ECONOMIC and ECOLOGICAL, both TANGIBLE and INTANGIBLE throughout their whole life cycle.

It deals with a series of advantages leading to lowering the cost of ownership, rental and use, transforming the choice of a conversion into a real profitable and ecological investment, reasoned on the economic and environmental return during all stages of conversion life, with benefits for those who buy, for those who rent, for the user ... and for the environment!

We can explain it with an example. An “i tuttoinlega” three-side tipper weighs 350/400 kg
while the same steel conversion weighs 650/700 kg, there is a difference of 300 kg. This means:

  • higher payload;
  • travel optimization with fuel and time savings;
  • fewer trips to carry the same amount of goods;
  • possibility of carrying 7 people (in the double cab versions) while maintaining sufficient payload to carry also work tools and goods.
  • Robustness and low weight;
  • Best-in-class payload;
  • optimization of loads and transport (fewer trips, time and fuel savings, reduction of pollutant emissions);
  • lower risk of overload (transport in safety with less risk of penalties);
  • versatility of conversion (thanks to low tare weight, it is possible to add accessories such as overside panels, curtainsider structures, cranes and tail lifts);
  • maximizing charge and autonomy of electric motors (electric vehicle with "i tuttoinlega" by Onnicar is a combination in step with the times!);
  • longer life of conversion (no rust for its entire life);
  • less wear of the vehicle (conversion lightness stresses less vehicle frame, braking system, tires, etc ...);
  • higher residual value in case of resale or reuse, with consequent advantages for:
    • rental companies, which can offer more competitive rental-rates;
    • user companies, which will benefit from a higher trade-in value;
  • aluminum is 100% recyclable and maintains the same mechanical properties of the first production conversion. Even at the end of life, the conversion maintains:
    • economic advantage since aluminum has a value per kg;
    • ecological advantage.